Demolition Hammer ERB-05

  • Torque                   –     11 J
  • Max. Impact Rate    –     4900 BPM
  • Rated Input Power   –     1100 W
  • Net Weight            –     6.3 kg.
  • M. R. P.                 –     ₹ 14,600.00
  • Std. Packing           –     1

A ERB-05 demolition hammer is a power tool that is used to break through materials such as stone, masonry, cement, and so on as it is used in demolition projects such as walls, pavements, roads, and so on. In almost all the professional tool kits, a demolition hammer is an addition that can expand the scope of the whole operation.

As such, in the line of demolition hammers, the entry-level demolition hammer, the ERB-05 gives individuals a foothold in the field. With a range of interesting features, the demolition hammer becomes the tool of choice for a number of applications which include light demolition or includes lightweight materials.

As we have already established, every good power tool needs a good motor to allow it to function. The ERB-05 is powered by a powerful motor that generates 11 Joules of torque, which is sufficient to drive through a variety of materials. The motor draws 1100 Watts of power, making it a really powerful one, and it can deliver impacts at the rate of 4900 beats per minute, which makes the demolition hammer capable of tackling tough materials as well.

Since a demolition hammer is a really powerful tool, it is dangerous to underestimate it, and therefore, JRSDrive uses the most solid of materials to make the ERB-05. The demolition hammer weighs in at just over 6 kgs, which is still on the light side of the tools in this class. JRSDrive tools are made with aluminium chassis, which makes them exceptionally strong and exceptionally lightweight.

When you buy the ERB-05, you will receive a free carbon set with the demolition hammer, which will be compatible with the tool. Always buy compatible JRSDrive accessories to ensure the long life of the power tools.

Apart from the insides, the demolition hammer also has innovations in the design segment as well, which sees it take a unique shape and design, while also including all the functionality of a proper demolition hammer.

Along with an on/off rocker in the bracket grip on the ERB-05, the demolition hammer also features an auxiliary handle to allow us to handle it with care and a proper grip, to absorb any vibrations from the demolition. The demolition hammer is one of the most rugged tools, and while developing this particular model, JRSDrive made sure that the ERB-05 is not an all-show, no-play. The design choices that were made during development allow for an efficient operational experience.

It has to be said that the ERB-05 is a so-called ‘gateway’ tool; for someone with little to no experience in demolition or how to handle demolition tools, this is a good choice to start demolishing. With a lightweight body and a handy design, the ERB-05 will help you develop a new skill, or give your business a new avenue to explore.


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