• Battery Volt            –     12 V Max
  • Battery Capacity     –     1.5 Ah li-ion
  • No-Load Speed      –     0-400/1400 RPM
  • Charge Time          –     80 Min.
  • Chuck Capacity      –     0.8 – 10mm
  • Max Torque            –     17 + 1 Nm
  • M. R. P.                 –     ₹ 6700.00
  • Std. Packing           –     2

Power tools have been evolving ever since they became a thing, just like with every other bit of technology. In drills, the latest innovation is the cordless drill, enhancing the usability of a drill by multiple times by removing the cable. In the absence of a cable, a professional can take the drill anywhere, without worrying about the position of the sockets. The cordless drill is the state-of-the-art in drill technology, and keeping in with our vision, JRSDrive introduces the Cordless Drill, the ECD-10.

The ECD-10 features a 12-volt motor, which delivers a maximum rotation speed of 1400 RPM. What’s more, the cordless drill features a dual-speed gearbox, which means that it can deliver two different speeds, as the situation demands. The lower gear delivers a maximum rotation speed of 400 rotations per minute. On the higher gear, you can get a speed of as high as 1400 rotations per minute. The motor, even though it runs on a battery, has a torque delivery of 17 Newton-meter. This motor packs a punch, enough to deliver performance in multiple situations.

Of course, the battery is the most important element of a cordless drill, as that is the only power source, and a battery’s quality determines the quality of the whole drill. The battery that powers the package that is the ECD-10 is a 1,500 mAh Lithium-ion battery, which is enough power to allow multiple applications, with a longer-lasting battery than most of its competition. The market-leading ECD-10 has a quick charging mechanism, which sees its battery go from 0 to 100% within 80 minutes. This fast charging ensures that you can take the drill through multiple cycles within a workday, while working with it as much as you would with a corded drill.

Again, JRSDrive’s innovations do not end with only the technical aspects of the cordless drill. The company takes pride in its design innovations, and the ECD-10 is no exception. The body is made of lightweight, comfortable materials, so that it feels sturdy in the hand while also not being too much of a hassle to handle. As a result, the cordless drill can be used for multiple different use cases. Along with this, the drill’s chuck can be adjusted for anywhere between 0.8 mm to 10 mm, giving it a wide range and allows you to use multiple types of drill bits as you require. Utmost care has been put in designing each and every power tool on our catalogue, and the ECD-10 is the pinnacle of that ideology. Not only does it look sleek and feels good in the hand, but also packs enough functionality for it to be actually a very useful part of your toolkit.

Drills are the most widely used power tools across the world, and form the basis of any strong toolkit and workbench. While corded power drill are the norm, and many professionals prefer to use them for their power delivery, a cordless drill gives a liberating, versatile experience that remains unmatched by any corded drill. And if you need a cordless drill, you need the ECD-10.


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