At Eastman we design our products for long service life. To give you additional peace of mind for your investment we offer 6 months warranty on our tools from the date of purchase. The warranty applies only against any manufacturing defects. If tool becomes defective during operation due to faulty material or workmanship within the warranty period, Eastman undertakes to correct the defect without any charge. Parts covered in warranty are
1) Armature      2) Field Coil
This Warranty DOES NOT Apply to:

1. All normal wear & tear of parts e.g. Carbon Brushes, Cord, Chuck and other consumable parts.

2. Attachments and Accessories supplied with the tool.

3. Unauthorized repair, alteration/modifications done by other agencies.

4. Damage caused by foreign objects, extraneous substance, accidents, obvious misuse, abuse, neglect and improper application.

5. Improper supply conditions of voltage and frequency.

6. Gun & Pipe in case of Pressure Washer.

7. Attachments in case of Vacuum Cleaner.

*These terms cover the general warranty for the product. This warranty is not assignable or transferable.

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