Demolition Hammer ERB-011

  • Torque                   –     21 J
  • Max. Impact Rate    –     900 – 1890 BPM
  • Rated Input Power   –     1500 W
  • Net Weight            –     11.350 kg.
  • M. R. P.                 –     ₹ 40,200.00
  • Std. Packing           –     2

A demolition hammer is a power tool that is used to break through tough materials and demolish buildings, walls, pavements, roads, and other construction work. For all medium to full-scale demolition projects, the ERB-011 by JRSDrive is the perfect choice.

With a range of technically advanced features, the demolition hammer becomes the tool of choice for a number of applications. The demolition hammer also allows a user to do a lot of demolition-related tasks with its versatility and usability.

Every good power tool needs a good motor; a good motor makes a power tool stand out from the crowd, and JRSDrive makes power tools that are a cut above the rest. The ERB-011 is no exception, as it is powered by a motor that delivers 21 Joules of torque, which is more than enough for powering through a variety of materials. At its highest performance level, the motor draws 1500 Watts of power. So, this is a very capable motor.

What’s more, the ERB-011 can deliver impacts at a varying rate; ranging from a slow 900 BPM to a much more powerful 1890 beats per minute. Although the impact frequency is slow, but the power that each impact is capable of delivering allows the hammer tool to break all sorts of materials.

Since a demolition hammer is a really powerful tool, a user needs to take utmost care in order to handle it properly. Therefore, JRSDrive uses the highest quality materials to make the ERB-011. The body is made of aluminium, and while it weighs a solid 11 kilos, it is because of the high-power motor it hosts and the weight provides high solidity to the demolition hammer.

JRSDrive always is focused on delivering the best quality to its users, and when a user buys the ERB-011, they get not only a free carbon set which is compatible with the demolition hammer, that will see its life prolonged, but the demolition hammer also comes with a pointed bit.

This bit is made of high-grade materials that not only lasts longer than normal bits, but is designed to fit the ERB-011 to perfection, therefore there is no wear and tear related to compatibility issues.

The design of the demolition hammer is iconic, and the colour and design language make it instantly recognisable as a JRSDrive product. Along with having an on/off rocker switch in the bracket, the demolition hammer also features an auxiliary handle, to help stabilize the tool while carrying on with the demolition to avoid any accidents.

The demolition hammer is one of the most rugged tools, and while developing this particular model, JRSDrive made sure that the ERB-011 is not all-show, no-play. The design choices that were made during development allow for an efficient operational experience. Along with all the features, the demolition hammer also features a service light indicator, which lets you see when your ERB-011 needs servicing to keep it in the best possible shape.

The demolition hammers are some of the trickiest tools to operate, due to their bulk and the power delivery. However, with the ERB-011, a user can easily undertake demolition operations with the no fuss at all. The powerful motor and ergonomic design combine to deliver a capable demolition hammer.


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