Demolition Hammer ERB-016A

  • Torque                   –     32 J
  • Max. Impact Rate    –     1900 BPM
  • Rated Input Power   –     1600 W
  • Net Weight            –     15 kg.
  • M. R. P.                 –     ₹ 36,300.00
  • Std. Packing           –     1

A demolition hammer is used to break through existing construction such as buildings and roads to make way for new ones, or to carry out repair works. As such, the ERB-016A represents the most powerful demolition hammer JRSDrive offers, capable of heavy-duty demolition at a large scale.

The class-leading demolition hammer not only brings the best of technical attributes from the best minds at JRSDrive, but the design aspects that make it an all-round efficient product, capable of delivering heavy-duty application wherever and whenever.

A good motor forms the heart of a good power tool, and the ERB-016A’s motor is one of the best in class. The motor powering this demolition hammer draws a massive 1600 Watts of power, and delivers 32 joules of torque, making it capable of breaking through the toughest of constructions and making demolition easier for the user. The motor uses the cutting-edge technologies that make it a long-lasting one, capable of delivering demolition capabilities unlike any other.

What’s more, the ERB-016A can deliver impacts at 1900 beats per minute. Although the impact frequency is slow, but the 32 joules of torque that each impact is capable of delivering allows the demolition hammer to break all sorts of materials.

A demolition hammer is a very powerful tool, and mishandling it can result in grave injuries. To prevent that, JRSDrive has implemented design decisions that make it easier for the user to operate the drill. The ERB-016A features two handles – a bracket handle at the back of the main chassis, made out of aluminium, and an auxiliary bracket handle beneath the main body. This gives a user two points of contact on the tool, which is very important for safe operation.

While that might be the case, we strongly recommend using proper gear while operating this tool.

The body is made of aluminium, and it weighs in at 15 kilos, giving the user a sense of solidity while also providing a stable base for the user.

JRSDrive always is focused on delivering the best quality to its users, and when a user buys the ERB-016A, they get not only a free carbon set which is compatible with the demolition hammer, that will see its life prolonged, but the demolition hammer also comes with two bits; a pointed bit to break through materials such as solid rock, and a flat chisel bit, for more surgical operations.

The bits are made using high-grade materials and not only they last for a long time, these bits also fit the ERB-016A to perfection, making sure that there is no damage to the housing because of any incompatibility.

The freebies don’t just end there. When you buy this demolition hammer, you also receive a steel case packing, which will allow you to carry around this tool safely, without risking any damage during transportation.

The design choices that were made during development allow for an efficient operational experience with the best demolition hammer offering from JRSDrive.

With the ERB-016A, a user can easily undertake demolition operations with the no fuss at all. The powerful motor and ergonomic design combine to deliver a capable demolition hammer with an unmatched efficiency and ease of operation.


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