• Chuck Size            –     10 mm
  • No-Load Speed      –     0 – 750 r/min
  • Rated Input Power   –     300 W
  • Rated Frequency     –     50 – 60 Hz
  • Net Weight            –     1.4 kg.
  • M. R. P.                 –     ₹ 3800.00
  • Std. Packing           –     10

For a professional, time is of the essence, and they can’t waste time tightening all the screws using their hands anymore. Gone are the days of picking up a screw driver and going through the works. For fast completion of work, JRSDrive introduces the Keyless Screw Driver, the EKSD-010, which features all the best capabilities that one needs from a keyless screw driver.


It is important to have a powerful motor on any power tool, so that it can tackle any sort of challenge, but also for the safety of the user; without a powerful motor, the power tool is susceptible to slippages and damages, potentially even hurting the user. Therefore, to avoid any mishap, the keyless screw driver offering from JRSDrive features a 300 Watts motor, which is powerful enough to help tighten all kinds of screws in any kind of surfaces. The EKSD-010 therefore becomes the only choice for anyone who needs to pick a keyless screw driver.


While the power matters, the frequency of a keyless screw driver makes the difference in relation to how fast the work can be done. To make things easy, the EKSD-010 features a motor frequency of 50/60 Hz, which makes for an amazingly smooth operation, and the corded screw driver delivers. Also, the keyless screw driver features a no-load speed of 750 rotations per minute, delivering the right amount of torque and just the right amount of speed in order to drive screws in fast and efficiently. What’s more, a chuck size of 10 mm helps the user tackle all sorts of screws during the drill’s operation.

Therefore, the technical elements of the EKSD-010 make it the best keyless screw driver in the market, capable of delivering the best of performance without much hassle.

Another key innovation that JRSDrive has made with the EKSD-010 is in its design elements. First, the screw driver has a very user-friendly, streamlined, and ergonomic design, which helps you to hold it properly and strongly to avoid any slippages and mistakes during operation. Second, the screw driver is keyless, which means that the user can hand-adjust the drill to change bits as and when required. This keyless design allows for fast changing of drill bit mid-operation, so that the least amount of time is wasted in changing bits. Third, the EKSD-010 is designed to be minimalistic, so that the user can avoid any unnecessary distractions while working.


Lastly, the machine weighs in at only 1.4 kilograms, because of the lightweight materials used in building the chassis and the motor. This light weight makes it very easy to use the EKSD-010 in all sorts of situations, be it overhead, on a ladder, or any awkward situation.

In all, the design elements all combine to make the EKSD-010 be a world-class keyless screw driver, fit for all sorts of use.

JRSDrive always strives to deliver the best-in-class power tools and accessories to make the lives of professionals easy and hassle-free. With the EKSD-010, you can rest easy with the peace of mind that comes with this high-quality machine.


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