Electric Drill EPD-010A

  • Drill Capacity         –     10 mm
  • No-Load Speed      –     0 – 2800 RPM
  • Rated Input Power   –     450 W
  • Net Weight            –     1.5 kg.
  • M. R. P.                 –     ₹ 3900.00
  • Std. Packing           –     10

While power tools are all important, none are more important than a drill. All sorts of workbenches feature a drill, regardless of the nature of the work. Whether you are a working professional, working day in, day out, or are doing little work out of hobby or you need a toolkit for little repair works in the home, a drill is the first things you need to pick up. As we all know, a drill is mainly used to make holes in materials and surfaces, in order to fix two surfaces together with the help of screws and bolts. This usability makes a drill very important for all toolkits. And as such, the Electric Drill, the EPD-010A, becomes the choice for you.


Of course, there are a lot of reasons to pick up the EPD-010A.

One of the most important things for any tool, not just the drill, is how well it can be handled. Since these power tools are dangerous if mishandled, the design aspect becomes highly important, and we at JRSDrive understand that. Therefore, the EPD-010A comes with a very streamlined, ergonomic design, and the drill weights just 1.5 kilograms, which means that you can work across a number of tricky situations, such as working overhead, or on top of a ladder, and so on.

However, the EPD-010A is not only all show, no go. The 450 Watts motor delivers enough power for a lot of applications. The power output of the drill, clocking in at 450 Watts, also makes sure that the said work is also done effortlessly and efficiently, with minimal errors and wastages. At 450 W, the drill provides just the right amount of power and support a person needs to complete a wide range of drilling/fixing tasks with great ease. As such, the EPD-010A is one of the must-have tools for all types of workbenches.

What’s more, the drill operates at a maximum 2800 RPM, and comes with variable speed. That means that you can go slow if the work demands so, and fast as well. With a variable speed, you can work on a number of materials and surfaces, as materials that are soft usually require slow drilling so as not to compromise the structural integrity of the material. Also, a faster rotation speed than its competitors allows it to finish drilling faster and smoother. Coupled with a 10 mm drill capacity, and the drill makes for an all-rounder unlike any other offerings on the market.

One of the more amazing features of the EPD-010A is the fact that it is a reversible motor, so you will never get stuck again. There are situations when we have gotten stuck in a particularly tough wall, and the drill bit is compromised. Sometimes, getting stuck also overheats and damages the motor, leading to expensive repairs. However, with the ESD-010A, you can rest assured that you can just simply reverse the motor, and the bit will be unstuck. This simple innovation increases the lifespan and usability of the drill significantly.

The EPD-010A is one of the most popular power drill offerings from JRSDrive, a brand of Eastman Group of Companies. With class-leading features, the EPD-010A makes for a worthy addition to your workshop.


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