Electric Hammer Drill EHD-32N

  • Tool Holder          –     SDS +
  • Input Power          –     1250 W
  • No-Load Speed    –     800 RPM
  • Impact Rate          –     2600/min
  • M.R.P.(Rs.)           –     ₹ 11,990.00
  • Net Weight          –     5.7 kg.
  • Std. Packing         –     2

Many workbenches and professional workshops own a hammer drill, because of the flexibility that an electric hammer drill offers. It is a specialty tool which wraps the features of an electric drill and a hammer drill in a single package. JRSDrive has a range of incredible hammer drills, but the top of the line remains the electric hammer drill, EHD-32N, with its unique design and top-notch motor.

Talking about the motor, the most important part of a power tool, the EHD-32N has a high-capacity, heavy-duty 1250 Watts motor, which is not only the most powerful motor among all of our hammer drill offerings, but also stands head and shoulders above most of its competition.

This motor is made for heavy-duty, capable for working for extended periods of time. The EHD-32N specializes in delivering torque and raw power to the material for best efficiency, and to avoid overheating, the motor clocks up a rotation of 800 RPM without load, which allows for a better power delivery to the material the user is working on. With a slower motor, you can count on a higher torque applied to the material. Also, a slower motor stays cooler over extended usage periods.

The EHD-32N can also deliver impact at the rate of up to 2600 BPM, which allows it to not only drill through the likes of concrete, masonry, and natural stone, but also make it look easy. This hammer drill packs a motor that is powerful and effective.

The best part of the EHD-32N is that it comes with a 32 mm drill capacity. That capacity allows the user to use a wide variety of drill bits, and using compatible drill bits from JRSDrive with the hammer drill will allow a user to use the drill for a variety of tasks. JRSDrive also provided a free drill bit with the hammer drill, too.

With the EHD-32N, you can work on a range of materials going from soft materials such as wood and glass, to moderate materials such as metal and ceramic, to even tough materials, such as brick and stone.

The hammer drill comes with a knob that allows a user to set a drill speed and use the drill for a long time without having to hold down a button and risk fatigue. The EHD-32N comes with all the high-class accessories one can ask for, including an auxiliary handle.

What’s more, the drill features a lock-on button, which allows you to keep the drill at a single speed for extended amount of time, so that you don’t have to fiddle with the settings too much. Along with that, the EHD-32N also features a button ejection system for easy removal and changing of drill bits.

The EHD-32N looks striking in its design, featuring a bracket hold on the back of the drill body, and also coming with an auxiliary handle. The auxiliary handle allows you to use the EHD-32N in any position you want; you will find the drill to be very easy to handle and operate.

In short, a hammer drill is a very versatile and flexible tool. While you might have an electric drill and an impact drill, now, you can save a lot of time and money by going with the EHD-32N from JRSDrive, a drill designed with you in mind.


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