Hammer Drill EHD-020C

  • Drill Capacity       –     20mm
  • Max. Impact Rate  –     0 – 500 BPM
  • No Load Speed    –     1200 RPM
  • Rated Input Power –     500 W
  • Net Weight          –     2.6 kg.
  • M. R. P.               –     ₹ 7400.00
  • Std. Packing         –     2

A hammer drill is a multi-use machine that allows for the functionality of both an electric drill and an impact drill, making the ideal choice of drill for a variety of use cases. And as such, JRSDrive has introduced a series of class-leading offerings that have changed the way how people look at hammer machines. The most basic of these hammer machines is the EHD-020C, a true all-rounder to punch through every obstacle you might face while drilling.

One of the most important aspects of any power tool is the motor which runs it. The beating heart of the EHD-020C is a powerful 500 Watts motor, capable of delivering 1200 RPM without load. At that speed, you can easily drill holes in even the toughest of materials. Apart from that, the drill can also deliver impacts up to a frequency of 5000 beats per minute, which means that not only you can drill through the likes of concrete, masonry, and natural stone, but also make it look ridiculously easy. This hammer drill packs a motor that is powerful, long-lasting, and highly effective.

Also, a 20 mm drill capacity means that you can tackle a wide variety of tasks with only a single machine, giving you versatility and efficiency. Use the EHD-020C as an electric drill on metal, wood, and ceramic, and use it as an impact drill on walls, concrete, and brick – you can do it all, with the EHD-020C. With a powerful motor and multiple applications, this is the one power tool that you should not miss.

JRSDrive has always taken pride in the way it incorporates ergonomic designs in all its power tools offerings, and this hammer drill is no exception. The drill comes with a lock-on button, which allows you to drill continuously and helps protect your fingers from fatigue in heavy-duty operations. What’s more, the hammer drill comes with all the high-class accessories one can ask for, including an auxiliary handle and a BMC box. The auxiliary handle allows you to use the EHD-020C in any position you want, even in overhead operation you will find the drill to be very easy to handle and operate. Since the hammer drill has to be handled with utmost attention, the auxiliary handle allows the user two points of contact, which helps stabilize the drill better.

The BMC box, in which the drill comes when you buy it, is a special offering from JRSDrive. We have included the box to make sure that you can carry the EHD-020C around as easily and as comfortably as possible. Plus, the added bonus is that the box makes the whole operation look very professional, and you can manage your hammer drill with ease, without risking any damage or accidental usage.

In short, a hammer drill is a very versatile and flexible tool, which allows a user to use it in many different scenarios. While a user might have bought an electric drill and an impact drill, now, you can save a lot of time, effort, and money, by going with the EHD-020C from JRSDrive.


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